Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ap Goverment Class Trip to the Capitol and Newseum

At the crack of dawn, we had assembled at school to journey towards the Capitol. This journey began at 6:30 am, a time that was less favored by the students. However as citizens as this wonderful country, we were ready. We began to load the bus at 6:30 am and we left school at 6:40. For the beginning part of the journey, we were flying down i-66 east, in the allowed speed of 55 miles per hour; however, once we had pass Springfield VA, we began to experience heavy traffic.
We arrived in DC, at 9AM. Our contact was meeting us there for our meeting, at 8:30AM. So we were late, and add to our problems, we had to wait in a line, with 60 other people that were waiting. When we went the building, we had to stay in line for another 20 minutes.
We we were escorted to the movie theater, we say a movie on American History, it was a very informational video. I did learn, it brought history threw a different perspective. As we left, we went threw various halls, and we say the old House of Representative building, and other locations.
After that we went to the Newseum, it was a very nice place. I especially like the 4-D theatre, one thing I didn't like, was the food, it cost $22. The theatre was one of the best experiences that I seen. The seats were moving back and forward, it was a fantastic spectacle, I recommend it for all to witness.

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