Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 State of the Union Address

The State of the Union Address was made by United States President Barack Obama, on January 27, 2010. He had made this address to the joint session of Congress. President Barack Obama was accompanied by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden. Shaun Donovan wasn't at the speech, for if anything would have happened, he would be the President.
In this Address, President Barack Obama made it clear, the he is not going to quit. That he will work to end, even though the upset in Massachusetts, he is still dedicated to his work. This time last year, the largest banks in the country were failing. These banks were responsible for the damage done to the American economy. President Barack Obama had the picked up where President George Bush had left off. President Barack Obama started by giving huge stimulus checks to these banks, so they wouldn't fail and wouldn't go bankrupt. This time this year, these big banks are giving large bonus, to the top executes. This was the same bank that was failing this time last year. The first thing President Barack Obama will do, is that he will fee the banks, this is called Trouble Assets Relief Program. Another issue that was address in the State of Union that was address was Job Creation. In America, the unemployment rate is now at 10%. The President address this by new job creations, bu taken away tax breaks for large companies that send there jobs over seas. He will give tax breaks to companies that keeps the jobs within the country. He also will cancel programs that will not work. In 2011, he will freeze government spending. The President will extend middle class tax breaks.
Even though this State of the Union Address addresses health care. It doesn't elaborate in it. It is only skin deep. And another topic that the State of the Union doesn't talk about, is immigration.
I believe in everything that President Barack Obama talks about. I think that it is sure to work and that we as American people, we should invest into what he is saying. The only way that it will work is that we invest 100%. These are times of difficulty, and as Americans, we have to stick together. President Obama is trying his hardest, it is our duty as an American to help him.

- Omar Aminzay

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